Bathing with art, the art of bathing, is the philosophy that marks the entire antoniolupi production. Some times as was the case with the vascabarca, the bathtub sculpture of the two artists Anne and Patrick Poirier, in all other cases, with the wish that all that is done is done to perfection. The bathroom is the center of all research. Caring for your body means caring for your spirit: within a beautiful environment, elegant and welcoming, maybe with a burning fireplace, implies loving yourself. Our goal is to innovate while creating beauty, not for the desire to impress but for the simply because we want to give our all.


Drago - Laflaka

Water and fire, opposites attract; continuing to give new shapes to water, Antonio Lupi has wanted to mold fire: the first collection of custom made bio-ethanol and wood burning fireplaces is born

Bit designer radioator

Colourful Bit. The first designer radiator by antoniolupi, completely made of 100% recycled aluminum available in all the colours of the catalogue to be freely interpreted by the end consumer.

PantaRei XL


04. January 2015
Exelen, designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, is a new system for the bathroom that features an innovative concept of blending and combination of functions and pleasures


A project born from the collaboration between the designer Domenico de Palo and the "maestro fumista" Massimo Pistolesi, the first bio-ethanol fireplaces for the bathroom

Agua dusjhode

04. January 2015
Polished stainless steel wall mounted water fall shower head


The most minimalist sink you could ever want, a cut, a "tear" in the wall, it becomes one colour, any colour you like, the one you want to have around you at different times of the day

Wall decoration

This project changed the wall in a painting thanks to a new technology, which allows to transfer a drawing on a surface.


Gesto, designed by Nevio Tellatin, is the development of a shape in a series of dimensions studied in relation to the modular systems of antoniolupi